Silversides offers exclusive mixes of indie music from around the world. Expect indie rock, indie pop, indietronic, dreampop, post-rock and every other style within the wide range of Indie music.

Your host is St.eve. He likes to discover new music, and wants to share this with you. No episode is the same. Let's get surprised!

Latest episodes

Silversides 0.1

Teaser of the Silversides podcast. Discover everything Indie related.

Episode 01

Top songs from Leonore, Wanthanee, Hugo's Cousin, Modern Art, and Harvey's Vision!

Episode 02

Special thanks to Noman, Coyote Melon, ICE IN MY EYES, Delta Crash and Slay The Giant.

Episode 03

Including songs from the great David Bowie, Soulsavers, Evangelist, Tycho and many more.

Episode 04

Guest mix from the pop-folk band Hugo's Cousin!

Episode 05

The one full with post-rock and shoegaze

Episode 06

Harvey's Vision will take you on a trip through the music they love, that made them who they are.

Episode 07

A very special thank you to All around us, Modern Art, Moon As A House, Dorian and the Grays, Wildlife, Shun Club, Fitzgerald, The Strips and Deepest secret

Episode 08

The Lighthouse are releasing their first EP "Let's Make A Scene". For this occasion they made a mixtape with songs they like, and of course some of their fresh new songs.

Episode 09

After a small break, Silversides is back with a great selection of Indie music.

Episode 10

Long Way From The Sun

Episode 11

Hand in GOL

Episode 12

Goddess Violence

Episode 13

Following Remedy

Episode 14

Fall 101

Episode 15

Nostos Walls

Episode 16

Mazdâ Withdrawl

Episode 17

Eating Me

Episode 18

Smother Induction

Episode 19

Spring N

Episode 20

Go After

Episode 21

Berlin Dora

Episode 22

Robins Attitude

Episode 23

Don't Tell Me What You're Made Of

Episode 24

Caramel Heart

Episode 25

Reykjavik Run

Episode 26

Inquieta Box

Episode 27

Planet Chlorine

Episode 28

I Know Sandman

Episode 29

Red Carving

Episode 30

Lavender Heart

Episode 31

Disconnect Libertine

Episode 32

Stay Humdrum

Episode 33

Dirty Nikko

Episode 34

Ruh Sign

Episode 35

Do You Dust

Episode 36

I'm The Rush

Episode 37

I Need Hemma

Episode 38

Anywhere on Torpor